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Convenience & Durability

Regardless of where you live, choosing your windows is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as you remodel your home.  And choosing the right window company for your home should be the most important factor in that decision.  Why?  When you choose the right windows, they can provide years of comfort and beauty while saving you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills. 

Vinyl Kraft windows by Manning Windows LLC will bring convenience and durability to your home.  Available with different glass options, colors, and superior designs, Vinyl Kraft windows are safe, secure, and energy efficient.  These windows help reduce noise and add a protective reinforcement from outside elements.

Size and Type

All of our windows are custom made to create windows based on your needs.   You are probably aware that windows come in various styles and each type has specific installation requirements.  At Manning Windows we make sure that our clients are fully informed of the process from start to finish.  At Manning Windows our difference maker is our installation professionals who have 30 years’ experience.


Vinyl Window are extremely resilient and are built to last: they will not corrode, swell, chip, peel, rot, or rust.  Vinyl windows are priced to accommodate every budget and are easy to customize.  Vinyl windows provide durability, require low-maintenance, and improve energy efficiency in your home.


Typically, first floor windows have lower installation prices than higher floors.  Windows on higher floors require more time for installation and can be more difficult to access.  Sometimes we will have to use special equipment to reach these windows, and that can contribute to higher window installation costs.


Replacement windows not only provide aesthetic beauty to your home both inside and out, they also provide important functions.  They keep your heating and air conditioning where it belongs, inside your home!  These updates can be done cost effectively and save you on your future energy bills.  You may also qualify for up to a $500 rebate on your windows.

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