Consider high-quality vinyl windows when it’s time to look for your replacement windows. Manning windows offers a wide variety of choices to match your sense of style and your budget.



Get the greatest flexibility and easiest cleaning with Vinyl Kraft vinyl double-hung windows. Tired of having to choose between getting ventilation into a room and preventing papers from blowing around? With double hung windows that hassle is a thing of the past. And, with their convenient tilt-in design, they make it easy for you to keep your windows clean and beautiful.

Get Vinyl Kraft double-hung vinyl replacement windows in white or almond, and enjoy a variety of external options.


sliderIf a horizontal slider is your window of choice, Vinyl Kraft slider windows offer a stylish choice, while their brass rollers ensure durability and convenience.


fixed_lightsA large window doesn’t have to mean skyrocketing heating and cooling bills. Our fixed light windows are designed for insulation and beauty. If you have locations where you need natural light but you don’t need to open the window, these are the choice for you. They are also gorgeous within an architectural design or used to fill out a panoramic view.


shapesWho says your window has to be a rectangle? You can have your vinyl replacement windows in full round, half round, quarter round, eyebrow, ovals, and semi-ellipse. Tell us what you need, and let us show you how many high-quality options there are.


casementGet cranking with a beautiful vinyl casement replacement window. Casement windows offer a beautiful, convenient, secure and weather-tight option for your replacement windows.


awning_windowTake a casement window, give it a quarter turn, and you have our awning window. Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing from the bottom. They have the same features as casement windows.


eztiltWhat do you get when you cross a casement window with a horizontal slider? The EZ Tilt, a window that offers the clearest view with the greatest ventilation. As a bonus, the EZ Tilt allows you to clean both sides of the window from inside your home.


baysWhat’s more beautiful than a bay window? Not much. Bay windows create an elegant focal point to your home, giving you a wonderful, wide view of the outdoors or a place to display your treasures.


bowsIf you like the idea of bay windows but want something more rounded, then bow windows are for you. Just as with bay windows, bow windows give your home an attractive focal point while giving you a beautiful view out.


gardenGive your plants all the light they need, and give yourself a beautiful view, with a Vinyl Kraft vinyl garden window.


hopperHopper windows, which are hinged at the bottom and open inward from the top, are intended for use at ground level or as basement windows. By allowing for ventilation—and by virtue of their vinyl design—our hopper windows help you overcome the challenges of moisture and humidity.


doors_largeVinyl Kraft sliding patio doors give you a beautiful view of the outdoors, all in a low-maintenance product with a heavy duty frame and excellent weather resistance.