The Numbers Don’t Lie!

I have been asked several times about vinyl windows and why vinyl.  I will give you a few reasons why vinyl windows are more popular than framing materials like wood, aluminum, or firberglass: 

Strength – impact resistance, stable, durable, welded corners, design quality.

Appearance – simple, clean looking, maintains consistent color, stays smooth.

Time Saver – easy to install and easy to maintain.  (Hire a professional for the installation due to the warranty provisions of the manufacture).

Energy Efficient – multi chamber extrusions form insulation air spaces or they can be foam filled, when measuring the rate of heat flow through a window; vinyl performs as well or better than framing materials like wood, aluminum, or fiberglass.

Vinyl replacement windows are a nice looking window that will fit any budget, are often available in many designs, can be easily customized, and will stand up to a variety of weather and climates.  Just how popular are vinyl windows?  Well the proof is in the numbers:  According to Window & Door, since 2006 vinyl windows have been purchased more than wood, aluminum, and fiberglass combined.  Last years window statistics are staggering.  In 2012 there were 25.7 million windows shipped as compared to 11.47 million windows shipped of the other materials.  “Vinyl continues to dominate the residential market, holding 69 percent market share as it continues to take share from wood.”  Source AAMA/WDMA 2012/2013 US Industry Statical Review and Forcast.

The bottom line, Manning Windows LLC wants your business and we want to meet with you in your home to consult with your family on options that will meet your family’s budget.  We are not into hire pressure sales tactics.  We will be straight forward with you and give your our best price, the first time every time.  Remember Manning Windows, “SAVINGS YOU CAN SEE!”


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