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Our Products

Why Our Products

Our windows are as unique as the home you’ll put them in—they’re crafted to meet your specific needs, no one else’s. We’re the only company in our area selling our windows.

Our windows are custom-made by a family-owned and -run manufacturer in New Boston, Ohio. They send shipments out every week. Each and every window they send is tailored to be a perfect fit for your home. Even if two windows look identical, they’re probably not.

The holes windows go into, they’re made by humans. With 2x4’s, sheetrock, and human error, almost no window is perfectly squared. That’s why we measure your windows to the nearest 16th of an inch to ensure the ideal, snug fit that will last you a lifetime.

So what’s the difference between our windows and the other ones you’ll find in town?

Many other window installers are all selling the same mass-produced windows from the same massive warehouses, competing only by cutting rates, quality, time, or service. If there’s 20 of those in town, there’s no need for us to be number 21. Then, they’re trying to force these same mass-produced windows into not-the-same holes and filling them with caulk and other sealants, all of which break down over time and require maintenance. The more there is, the worse it is. It can pit and dry up, then you’ll see daylight around your window, and the process starts over.

Plus, you’ll lose out on the full energy-saving benefits and—no one ever tells you this—to make those windows fit, they often have to saw, cut, or otherwise damage your home. That’s not us at all. We use the right tools for the right job for flawless fit. As far as we’re concerned, there is no competition for what we have to offer.

Why We Don't Compete

Aside from the fact that no one nearby is offering comparable products to what we sell, at Manning Windows, we use a quality-first approach. We believe that competing on price is a race to the bottom for everybody because, to keep competing, you have to sacrifice. If you can’t lower the cost on the windows, and you can’t lower the cost on labor, then the only place you have left to cut costs is on customer service. Manning Windows will never do that. Being good to people is how we got here at all. That’s why we offer solid, reliable products at a fair price backed by impeccable customer service.

Choosing the Correct Product for Your Home

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Manning Windows has replaced windows in several properties that I owe and manage. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and I always feel that the quality of work is beyond measure. I highly recommend Manning Windows!

Julie T.

Manning Windows goes above and beyond to provide a great quality product in a timely fashion for my client’s looking to sell their home or looking to upgrade their forever home. I trust Manning Windows and refer them regularly!

Rob D.

Manning Windows is top notch. I've purchased hundreds of windows over the years from Derek. If you are looking for quality and value, Manning Windows has you covered. Keep up the good work guys!

Scott G.

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